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Soilove Stain Remover, 16 Ounces

Soilove Stain Remover, 16 Ounces

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Soilove Laundry Soil-Stain Remover is ideal for colorfast, washable fabrics. It removes blood, grease, ink, beverage, food, grass, perspiration, and more!

There’s nothing worse than struggling with bright, stubborn stains on light-colored clothes that just don’t seem to fade no matter how hard you try. Some stains live to see the light of day even after multiple washes. Naturally, most people just end up discarding that particular clothing item out of sheer frustration. However, with a product like Soilove in the picture, you can bid farewell to even the toughest stains out there, and you will no longer have to throw away your favorite shirt because of a tough stain on it.

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