About Us

Thank you for patronizing Quality Wash. We really appreciate it! The first Quality Wash was purchased in 2010 by Quickrite Laundry, LLC. Our first location was at 945B Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista CA 91913. Two years later, we added our second location on 1454 Melrose Ave also in Chula Vista. It is our largest location, and people like it because it has many folding tables along with great equipment.


A few years after the Melrose location, we opened our third store at 5260 Baltimore Dr in La Mesa. Two years ago, we took over a store at 1356 Third Ave in Chula Vista. Like all of our locations, it has excellent equipment, and we pride ourselves in keeping our locations clean and well lit. Customers often comment that they get a better wash when coming to one of our stores. It simple why they receive a better wash. With all our washers, you get two washes and two rinses. You can also add a wash and rinse on most of our machines.


All our locations offer a fluff and fold service, where we will wash, dry and fold and hang your clothes. We usually can get the job done on the very same day. We also offer a dry cleaning service. Most of the time it is a one or two day turnaround. An attendant is in the office on most days ready to help or answer any of your questions. If you ever have a problem or need assistance, and the attendant has left for the day, you can call one of the help numbers located near the office and the change machines. You can leave a message or a text. We will get back to you ASAP, usually within the same day. We want our customers to have the best washing and drying experience possible.


If you do forget something, there is a chance that our night attendant has put it in the office. We keep clothes for a month (sometimes longer) before we donate them to Good Will or the Salvation Army. Besides washers ranging from a single load all the way up to 80 pounds in some stores, we offer laundry supplies and snacks. All stores have TVs. We often have the ball game or the local news on. If there is something that you want to see, just ask the attendant and they'll be more than happy to put it on (as long as the Padres aren't playing).


Thanks again from visiting Quality Wash. We really do appreciate it.