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Expect Everything to be Quality

When customers visit our locations for the first time, they see that we are motivated by providing the highest quality service possible. This means our machines are working, or they are being repaired. We pride ourselves on hardly ever having a washer or dryer broken for more than a few days.

Also, a member of our team is available to our customers at all times, even when there is no staff member onsite. All service calls are routed to a member of the management team so that issues can be addressed as efficiently as possible. This is simply not standard practice across the laundry industry.

If you visit one of our locations and you don't have a quality experience, please let us know by providing feedback below!

  • 4 Locations in San Diego!

    For the last 10 years Quality Wash has been providing quality laundry and dry cleaning services to 4 of the most well-known areas of San Diego!

    Our Locations 
  • Fluff and Fold Services

    Your time is precious, and we provide the most budget friendly Fluff and Fold services in the city of San Diego!

    Our Fluff and Fold Services 
  • Dry Cleaning Services

    Quality Dry Cleaning services has been one of our most popular services since we started providing it 7 years ago. For our customers, it is our high-quality service and our budget friendly pricing that keeps them coming back!

    Our Dry Cleaning Services 
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